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Professor Dennis Else

Director – Industry Sector


Professor Dennis Else is the Executive Director, Sustainability, at Multiplex and sits on the Board for the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living.  Dennis leads Multiplex’s safety and sustainability strategies with the aim of building a sustainable and long-term business. 

In supporting the various business units, he combines strategic skills coupled with a clear understanding of the need to deliver an economically sound outcome while maximising the social and environmental value by achieving a balance between integrated ESD initiatives, functionality, cost effectiveness and design excellence.

Dennis  commenced as general manager safety and health in September 2006. In this role Dennis was instrumental in focusing  Multiplex’s OHS function on the principle of incorporating safety by design in the group’s business processes. Dennis also implemented a consultative process with business executives to identify and address critical OHS risks and to drive the implementation of continuous improvements.

In October 2007, Dennis was appointed as general manager, sustainability, safety and health with the task of continuing to increase the focus on safety across  Multiplex whilst also leveraging his enthusiasm and strategic skills to lead and further expand the sustainability program. In 2011 Dennis became Executive Director, Sustainability, Safety & Health.

Prior to joining Multiplex, Dennis was chair of the Australian National Occupational Health and Safety Commission for six years from 1996 to 2002. During that time he built support for a ten year National OHS Strategy which was endorsed by all State and Territory Ministers, the ACTU and the ACCI in 2002. Having previously led the development of the first Australian Standard for OHS Management Systems Dennis focused the Commission’s work on closing the gap between paper systems and real practice in workplaces. This included improving the quality of auditing processes and the improvement of performance measures.

For most of his employment with  Multiplex Dennis  continued his association with the University of Ballarat in the part-time role of professor of occupational health and safety. He was formerly dean of engineering and science and pro vice-chancellor responsible for organisational development and change at the University of Ballarat.

In 2003 Dennis received the following awards - Australian Centenary Medal for National OHS Strategy Development; Worksafe Victoria Award for Outstanding Leadership and Contribution to OHS and the NSCA Ian Chisholm Award for Distinguished Service to OHS.