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4 Sep 2017

Board Meeting #28

A meeting of the Board for the CRC for Low Carbon Living: Invite only

21 Aug 2017

The Audit & Risk Committee serves as a subcommittee of the Board for the general oversight of CRCLCL affairs in the areas of financial accounting and reporting, risk management and the underlying internal control environment for the CRCLCL.

4 Aug 2017

The Cooling Cities National Forum, hosted by the CRCLCL’s UNSW Node, looked at evidence-based decision-making in urban microclimate mitigation, which can help cool our cities and therefore reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

3 Aug 2017

Board Meeting #27

A meeting of the Board for the CRC for Low Carbon Living: Invite only

10 Jul 2017

Research Advisory Committee Meeting #19: By invite only.

Research Project Proposals are reviewed by the CRCLCL Research Advisory Committee and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

23 May 2017

The CRCLCL’s Curtin Node hosted a Regenerative Cities National Forum on 23 May 2017 in the City of Perth.

20 Apr 2017

Dr Shannan Maisey will outline the key components of air pollution and the consequences for the indoor environment. 

4 Apr 2017

Josh Byrne will share his insights in a webinar tackling why the his project Josh's House has been a winner for energy efficiency, as well as presenting the latest in CRC for Low Carbon Living research as we look to the future of sustainable living.

20 Feb 2017

The CRC for Low Carbon Living UNSW Node in High Performance Architecture is pleased to host a presentation on Building Energy Efficiency and Reducing Energy Demand: Why? led by Professor Tadj Oreszczyn (University College London). 

8 Dec 2016

The team behind CRCLCL project workshop RP2021: Greening suburban transport held a workshop aimed at sharing knowledge and insights about case studies, initiatives and on-going research related to improving mobility and reducing transport emissions for low density suburban areas that are currently car dependent.