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Solar Analytics Monitoring System

One of the keys to addressing the challenge of climate change is being able to measure whether new carbon pollution reduction products and services are efficient and running at or close to promised specifications. With that in mind, Low Carbon Living CRC (LCL CRC) participant Suntech R&D Australia recently announced their revolutionary Solar Analytics monitoring system (co-developed with Envais Solar). By comparing actual performance against expected performance calculated using local weather conditions, Solar Analytics provide direct feedback to customers on their solar system’s performance. For the first time owners of small scale residential systems up to large scale commercial systems will know if their solar system is performing up to expectations. Solar Analytics can be installed on new/old solar systems and can accurately measure the performance of any system. The intelligent system makes monitoring easy and provides automatic reports in the event of any underperformance, which substantially reduces system downtime. At the product launch Renate Egan, Managing Director of Suntech R&D Australia was enthusiastic in his praise of the LCL CRC. gan told attendees that “we are excited to have developed this new product in Australia & would like to thank the CRC for their support.” The Low Carbon Living CRC office is located in the Tyree Energy Technologies Building (TETB) at the University of New South Wales. The TETB has received a 6 Star Green Star Design rating, awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia. This accreditation represents world leadership in environmentally sustainable building practices. View live data about the TETB’s consumption of energy, water and gas as well as how much electricity is currently being generated by its 150kW solar cells on the roof.