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Event: Can Australia crack the infrastructure conundrum?

The presentation by Executive Director and CEO of SMART Infrastructure Facility, Garry Bowditch on "Can Australia Crack its Infrastructure Conundrum: A Critical Role for Research" illuminated some interesting points and figures.

- In the year 2100, the population in Australia is expected to be 70 million.

- When planning for infrastructure factor 8; infrastructure systems that can meet the needs of twice today’s population with half today’s resources while providing twice the liveability.

- Infrastructure is a system. The system is the asset, not its components.

- The past is not necessarily a predictor of the future.

- Despite an increasing investment in transport and utilities, there are many pinch points and capacity issues, such as the 'disease of peak hour'.

- 25% of electricity bills pay for a network that is used 1% of the time.

- There is an absence of behavioural change data as a tool to measure infrastructure value for money and to provide evidence needed to design policy.

- Building new ‪infrastructure should be the last resort, with better use of existing assets made first.

Bowditch proposed to make better use of Australia's research assets, that an asset register for infrastructure research nationally is needed.

It was well attended with over 50 people from industry and research.

For more details download the presentation below.