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Australian home renovators are invited to participate in a survey about how they use media

Are you currently renovating? Or maybe you’ve recently finished a home renovation project? If so, Swinburne University researchers would really like to hear your views.

The survey is part of the CRCLCL project conducted by Swinburne University that investigates home renovation processes and the role that mainstream and social media play in shaping these practices. With a focus on media and popular practices of home renovations the project responds to the largely ineffective top-down approaches used to drive carbon reduction by households.

This survey is the first element of the project and focuses on how people use media to find inspiration and information for their home renovations.

A better understanding of how people are actually going about their renovations, and what mix of media they are using to get ideas, source practical advice, engage a practitioner or communicate with others in the process will help us to develop innovative media and communication strategies to assist renovators in making more energy efficient and cost-effective choices.

For further information on the project, click here.

To participate, follow the link for further details and survey: