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Making Australian cities cooler and greener: a workshop on urban microclimates and adaptive design

A workshop co-hosted by the CRC for Low Carbon Living and the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities considered the the emerging evidence and tools for policy and practice related to potential urban planning and design interventions for greening and cooling Australian cities in an era of urban intensification (suburban to ‘urban’) and changing climate. 

Held at Hawthorne Arts Centre on 21-22 March 2016, this collaboration between CRCLCL and CRC WSC highlighted the research of these two organisations on the topic of urban microclimates. Presentations were made by researchers and PhD students from both CRCs, including researchers on the CRCLCL's project RP2005: Urban Microclimates. 

The invitee list was a mix of academics, PhD students, representatives from industry (BlueScope Steel, Nursey and Garden Industry Australia NGIA) local and interstate government (City of Melbourne, Office of Environment and Heritage NSW, Adelaide City Council, Parramatta City Council NSW) and design professionals (Hassell Archictects and Planning, Fifth Creek Studio - Landscape Architects). 

Presentations from the workshop are available below, however, please note that these presentations are work in progress reports and have not been subject to peer review. 

session 2 economic valuation of ecosystem services dr s anderson
session 2 economic valuation of uhi mitigation j thom
session 2 uhi mitigation policy j bush
session 2 effects of building facades j fox
session 2 estimating solar radiation prof j boland
session 2 cultural vulnerability to heat r bareket
session 2 assessing impact of water and vegetation k nice min
session 2 microclimate of isolated trees dr a coutts
session 2 urban forests dr s rayburg and h al gretawee
session 2 thermal resilience of human activity e sharifi
session 2 bioclimactic impact of small park a motazedian
session 2 human thermal comfort c lam
session 2 population heat stress resilience g hatvani kovacs
session 2 vegetation impct on precinct a broadbent
session 1 mitigating urban heat s jacobs
session 1 potential of heatwaves c rogers
session 1 framework for assessing microclimactic effects c bartesaghi koc
session 1 thermal imaging dr c phillip
session 1 overview and background prof j boland
session 1 overview and background prof n.tapper
session 1 welcome and objectives prof p. newton
workshop program