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Josh’s House Star performers - Episode One Released

Posted 31 October 2014 - 12:10pm

Following on from his successful and highly awarded web video series and online project, Josh's House, Gardening Australia TV presenter and sustainability expert Josh Byrne presents a ground breaking new series: ‘Josh’s House Star Performers’.

Like the initial Josh’s House series that followed the design and build of Josh’s own high performance home, this series will be completely open source with plans, fact sheets, videos being made available for free via

Episode One: Location – Melbourne | Project – Australian Zero Emmission House

‘I wanted to start the tour in Melbourne because it’s under real pressure from massive population growth and sprawling urban development. To me highly efficient housing design should be a priority…The house I am visiting is a CSIRO project that was completed in 2010. it ticks the boxes for being a part of the star performers tour because it is a good example of an affordable and accessible high performance home and importantly, they are collecting the data to prove that it works…’  Josh Byrne.

The CSIRO, Delfin Lend Lease and Henley Property Group partnered to create the Australian Zero Emission House (AusZEH), an eight-star energy efficiency rated home showcasing off-the shelf building and renewable energy generation technologies, as well as new future-ready energy management technologies, matched to meet the design requirements of its location, and the budget of a typical middle income Australian family. 

The Zero Emission House proves what’s possible for affordable and accessible high performance housing in Melbourne, asking the question: Why aren’t we seeing more of it? 

Josh’s House Star Performers looks to engage in a national conversation about the future of our housing and the demand for more energy efficient solutions while not forgetting the importance of designing homes that are comfortable, good for our health, hip pockets and our future. 

Josh’s House is a project supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living Ltd supported by the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government initiative.


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About the project with the CRC for Low Carbon Living

Several living laboratories (energy efficient homes) across Australia have been designed to be economically mass produced by the construction industry. Information is being gathered on how the inhabitants behave in an energy efficient house and what energy and water savings can be made. The results of this project are broadcast via multiple channels and are being used by regulators, construction industry, property developers, government and the general public to assess the benefits, accessibility and cost savings of sustainable housing. Click here to learn more about the project.