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Industry Network

Small to medium enterprise (SME), industry and peak body engagement is a vital component of the CRCLCL’s work. These sectors make up a large proportion of the low carbon industry, and the CRC is dedicated to ensuring that their ideas, interests and concerns are firmly embedded within our research agenda.

The CRCLCL has established an Industry Network with membership consisting of peak bodies, industry associations and SMEs. The Network meets regularly throughout the year, and is intended to:

  • Increase the reach of the CRCLCL within these sectors
  • Give SMEs, industry organisations and peak bodies an ongoing opportunity to participate in CRCLCL research projects
  • Ensure that the CRCLCL’s research outputs are reflective of contemporary SME, industry and peak body needs
  • Identify opportunities for utilisation of project outcomes.

Current initiatives of the Network include:

  • Developing joint strategies across the network for engagement and communicating CRCLCL activities
  • Enhancing the CRCLCL digital presence to specifically involve network members
  • Network members identifying specific projects for participation.

SME and Peak Body Network Leader and Hassell Fellow Ken Maher said, "The continuing success of the CRC will be dependent on effective engagement with a wide range of parties within the professions and the industry. Our Network aims to reach this audience and create a forum for those interested to exchange ideas, co-ordinate activities, identify opportunities, and importantly ensure a channel for direct input to research projects."

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