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RP3028: A “Virtual Market” for Analysing the Uptake of Energy Efficiency Measures in Residential and Commercial Sectors

Project leader name: 
Dr Andrew Higgins
Project status: 
Project period: 
04/2015 to 12/2018

This project will model the uptake of low carbon and energy efficient technologies and practices by households and businesses under different market interventions. It extends previous work (RP3002 - which addressed the commercial building sector) into the residential and small to medium business sectors, whilst producing innovative methods that accommodate market based incentives. 

It will use agent-based modelling (ABM) to represent consumer behaviour, social networks and their responses to non-financial incentives and barriers. The resulting model will be a “virtual market”.  It will enable the NSW Government and other agencies to better understand, design and evaluate different types of market interventions (e.g. incentives, information, training, finance, codes), through exploring technical, economic and behavioural parameters.  

Publications related to this project

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

Moglia, M., Cook, S., and McGregor, J. (2016) A review of Agent-Based Modelling of technology diffusion with special reference to residential energy efficiency. Sustainable Cities and Society (published online 14 March 2017).