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RP3008: Results from Visions and Pathways 2040: Scenarios and Pathways to Low Carbon Living

Visions allow us to ‘dream’ about future possibilities for resilient, low-carbon cities. Pathways allow us to explore how we might get there—both things that might happen to us (that we respond to) and actions we could take. This report looks at these prospects.

This report presents four provocative and exploratory ‘vision and pathway’ scenarios of how Australian cities could be transformed. These exploratory scenarios were developed in conversation with a wide range of partners, including through ten workshops across the partner cities, to get expert input across the project. More detail is available in the second year report—Scenarios 2040.1

rp3008 results from visions and pathways 2040 scenarios and pathways (12836222 PDF)

RP3008: Visions and Pathways 2040