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RP1042: Energy and indoor climate visualisation to encourage homeowners for low carbon living

Project leader name: 
A/Prof Paul Osmond
Project status: 
Project period: 
12/2018 to 05/2019
This project aims to develop an integrated real-time feedback mechanism to make householders aware of their disaggregated energy consumption and indoor climate. Householders are provided with energy saving prompts and suggestions to optimise energy consumption for various services, such as space cooling and heating, lighting and plug loads. Further, information on indoor climate helps householders to make decisions on space cooling and heating using passive or active methods.

Publications related to this project

CRCLCL Project Reports
At present, building scale energy efficiency is often limited to the design stage; therefore, the post occupancy energy efficiency of dwellings rarely gets reported. Australian households receive quarterly energy bills; however, these bills, which show aggregated energy consumption, are not helpful...