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Approval to Publish

This form is to be used by persons who are in engaged in CRCLCL activities and who are seeking approval for any material used externally such as; publications, books, posters, mid project and final project reports, articles, websites, media releases and presentations.

  • To ensure high quality content
  • To review in light of sensitive commercial confidential information
  • Appropriate acknowledgement of the CRCLCL

A copy of your publication MUST be submitted with this application. 

Any publication MUST acknowledge the support of the CRC for Low Carbon Living, with the following text:

"This research is funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living Ltd supported by the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government initiative."

Suggested additional text "The authors would also like to acknowledge [name the project partners]" 

Notification of request to publish and copy of the publication MUST be circulated to any/all project partners for review.

Use the CRCLCL templates where appropriate for presentations and reports. For more information go to the CRCLCL website Templates, Forms and Procedures. 

The CRCLCL provide advice within 14 days of submission of this form, if the applicant provides evidence that all project partners have accepted the publication to publish.

These guidelines align with the Participants agreement clauses:

44.           Publications

34.3        Procedures for publication of Agreement Material

CRCLCL Request to Publish Form (38242 DOCX)