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Branding Identity Guidelines

This is a guide to the visual communication of the CRC for Low Carbon Living brand. A strong brand is one of the most valuable assets our organisation owns. To make it truly powerful it needs to be communicated and applied consistently. These brand identity guidelines are to help you do just that. They allow anyone dealing with us and our partners to know who we are and what we stand for. Everyone has a part to play in doing this and bringing our brand to life now and in the future. 

At the heart of any brand is a big idea.  Simple. Memorable. True. 

For the CRC for Low Carbon Living this big idea is enabling a low carbon built environment. 

The CRC for Low Carbon Living is focused on place-based results, technical solutions, and – at the heart of everything we do – making the world better to live in. 

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for us, our partner organisations and our affiliates in the development of both internal communications and communications with our collaborators in industry, government and research. 

It’s an especially practical tool for developing creative communications for and on behalf of us. 

Our Collaborators

Delivering research that makes a difference relies heavily on successful collaboration between the CRC for Low Carbon Living and our valued partners. 

We work with all our partners in identifying projects with well identified IP and utilisation plans and underpinned by good science to deliver outcomes for industry, government and research. 

Because of this, it is vitally important that our partners take up the challenge of leveraging the investment in CRCLCL brand assets, continuing to utilise the brand for the advancement of a globally competitive low carbon built environment sector.


We have made a number of the assets available to you on our website. Click here to access our logo and the available templates (presentation), email signatures (logo), images, and fonts. If there is a specific image you require. Please contact us.

Run it by us

Any communications material produced on behalf of the CRC for Low Carbon Living, no matter how big or small, should go through our Communications Manager for editing and direction on its visual presentation.

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crclcl brand identity guidelines nov 2014 (18399906 PDF)