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Student Poster Template

Communicating your research to a wide and varied audience is important. All students attending the 2017 CRCLCL Annual Participants Forum are required to prepare a poster summarising the aims and progress of their research. This is an opportunity to display your poster and be on hand to discuss your research with attendees, in an informal setting.

Your poster should include these major headings:

  • Research question: What question or need is your research addressing?
  • Methodology: What research methods are you using?
  • Results: Give a summary of your research results.
  • Conclusions: What conclusions can you draw from your research results?
  • Anticipated impacts: Should include reference to potential industry, government or community utilisation.
  • Further information: How can people find out more about your project?

When tackling these questions, we want to hear about what your role is in the overall project.

There is a maximum 400 word limit, with a minimum of one image required. Graphs and tables can be used to help explain your research. Please keep in mind that the posters are pitched at an audience which is familiar with the low carbon space but not necessarily the technical details of your particular discipline. Posters are not to be pitched at the same level of detail as an academic conference. Their purpose is to trigger viewer interest in their research topic and encourage collaboration. 

Use the CRCLCL template provided below. 

The CRCLCL will print the poster to A1 size, to be showcased at the Participants Annual Forum 2017. Please ensure your supervisor has reviewed the copy prior to submission.

Deadline: Friday 20th October 2017

CRC LCL Student Poster Template (2386157 DOCX)